Established in January 2014, Habitat Studio Social is a gathering of like minded people, hoping to enrich the electronic music community locally, and to give producers and scene supporters alike, a platform to express their creativity and their love of all that is electronic music in Calgary. Here, we come together as one to share our original compositions, our knowledge base, and our support for one another.

The challenge at Studio Social as producers is to be bold enough to allow the audience, who love a wide variety of genres, to listen to your track and comment on it. We respect one another in this scene, and we all have a vested interest in seeing it grow, and helping others perfect their craft, regardless of genre.

The benefit of being involved with Studio Social, directly or indirectly, is the reward of participating in nights where you can learn from producers and other industry professionals with regards to, djing, promoting, label interests, production knowledge sharing, networking, artist collaborations, and so much more.

An artist or producer in any scene is only as good as its community support. With Studio Social, it’s evident that Calgary has a lot of talent, and great artists with amazing music that needs to be shared, not only here, but everywhere. When we support each other and help grow the community and support at every level, everyone benefits together.

So… let’s make a scene!