THURSDAY, APRIL 13th, 2017


Presenting the second phase of our 5 year anniversary celebration. Expect a multifaceted evening free of boundaries. Featuring some of Calgary's most talented and imaginative producers.

Youngsta should need little introduction. One of the figureheads of dubstep since the very beginning, resident at scene-defining club night FWD>>, and the DJ who first played some of the genre's most-loved anthems, he continues to be a hugely active figure in dubstep's development. His weekly show on Rinse draws deep for new music, helping to expose talented new producers, and the founding ethics that defined dubstep in its early years still remain at the heart of his sets.

$8 till March 27th
$11 March 27th - April 3rd
$15 April 3rd - April 12th
$18 Day of Show
$19 At the door