DJ Monk has been brought up on music , as a 70's child he was listening to motown , reggae, through his parents. In the 80's he starting listening to soul , hip hop , electro & reggae. Then he got involved with Tico & they got together a Sound-System looking for empty flats to play out in. Then came the acid house days , where he continued to buy music & play at parties etc. Then 92 old skool came along . 93/4 he started playing out at places like paradise club , marquee , astoria , busbys,moondance , awol ( ministry of sound ) plus more then he got involved with DJ Monita & made a track with him that was released on skeleton records.he then got a little studio together himself & starting producing & came up with klp records with tracks like good body girl , I spy plus many more & remixed big tracks like kenny ken everyman , the house crew super hero plus more, 96/97 he got involved with mc mc & mc prince & started to do the rush our show & done some big events like helter skleter world dance plus more . then he disappeared !!!!!! now since 2014 he's on the come back trail remixing his back cat with some great artists like Serial Killaz , Liondub, DJ Vapour, DJ Hybrid, plus many more also hes getting back on the dj circuit playing everything from 92/3 old skool , 94/5 jungle/d&b to current jungle/d&b. He does a regular show dream fm where he like nicky black market marvelous cain , DJ stretch , MC Virgo and more , he also represented the yardrock brand doing there kool fm show for them and guests on kool fm every now and then , hes now starting to appear on lots of flyers doing what he loves the most playing out. 



The Guru (Birthday