Noctilux Collective present the return of

Croydon / Hatched / Tempa


No one DJ or indeed producer can claim sole credit for dubstep. But when the history of the genre gets told, no DJ has ever had, or perhaps ever will again have so much influence over the course of the genre as Hatcha. The entire genre bares his stamp in blood.

Hatcha’s roots seep deep back into late ‘90s UK garage, Croydon and pirate radio. Originally the buyer at the iconc Big Apple record shop, Hatcha was one of the very first DJs to pick up on the new dark strains of 2-Step that were being made by local producers like El-B, Artwork and Horsepower at the turn of the millennium. As the producers came into the shop to sell white labels of these niche new sounds, a community arose.

As the garage sounds from south London began to take on their own unique, dark swung direction, it became clear that the nascent scene needed a home. In 2001 Forward>>, dubstep’s founding club, started with Hatcha a resident. Exclusive tracks unmatched skill, and the knowledge from seeing it al, no DJ can test.

Proper support from

Velvet Separation

Donna Dada

Society Black

MC Loki


Tickets $14 in advance // $17 at the door