Friday October 15th, 2016


Habitat Living Sound Presents

Frontier Syndrome
The ninth installment, exploring techno in its most futuristic form.

Shark B2B Kloves B2B Nomad Black


Nomad Black | Shark | Kloves | Hollywoodgirl


N. BLACK silently arrives at home base. Without a word the captain of the ship FTR9 exits the ship effortlessly dragging a hovering plasma cell. Inside the cell is a motionless shell of K10735. Someone we once called our companion. But something has changed. A red glow emanates from behind closed eyelids revealing blood vessels that have rearranged themselves in a pattern not unlike circuitry. A completely empty expression across a once cheerful face. I rush to the airlock to ensure the captain is safely aboard as we begin the decompression and Decontamination cycle. No known contamination. So far so good.

The airlock swings open and N. Black calmly walks into mission control as various technicians head toward the Plasma cell, ready to preform tests. Completely without warning K10735 opens up her now blazing red eyes, opens her mouth and emits a sound unlike any the Frontier collective has heard. A grinding, screeching cacophony of pure emotional sound. I cover my head and jump under a control desk as every electronic object in central command began to fly around the room tearing itself to peices. The sound began to taper off and I poked my head out to see the entire research team, as well as Captain Black, standing together in a perfect circle facing outward. All of them with red eyes. My heart began to race...

These beings were no longer my friends. They were something else. As if to answer the thousand questions racing through my head, K10735 began to speak. "We are no longer controlled by emotion. We are no longer controlled by fear. We are no longer controlled. We are IN CONTROL. WE WILL NOT BE STOPPED." I let out a faint gasp as I watched in horrified awe from my hiding spot. They began to modify their bodies. Taking sensors and board circuitry and implanting them directly onto their bodies using what I believe to be electromagnetics. As I began to understand. I started slowly crawling out of the control center, being careful to never cross a single red eyed gaze...