Every end is a new beginning, and as we mark the end of another year, we also celebrate another new beginning for our community. 

This year, Prism debuted a new aesthetic in sound with one goal in mind: to shine a light on the diversity inherent in the house music that we love and to refract that light back to our listeners as a vibrant spectrum of sound. It is with this community that we celebrate the incoming New Year. House music is our community, and our community has no finer home than Habitat Living Sound.  

Prism and Habitat Living Sound are proud to invite you to celebrate the past year with us and to ring in the New Year to come as we present Habitat’s final event of 2015 and the first of 2016. Join us for a wildly colorful experience set to expertly curated house music as only Habitat can do.  

With DJS: 
♦︎ Magnus
♦︎ Will Devlin
♦︎ Rick Sharma
♦︎ Theo Hansen

Tickets for this intimate event are available on our website. Ticket purchase includes a small bottle of champagne for your celebrations. 

Tier 1 - SOLD OUT
Tier 2 - $40