Sunday December 27th, 2015
Habitat & Le Cirque de la Nuit troupe are proud to present
ESENTA: An Intimate Affair

Back again after their first instalment last October, Le Cirque de la Nuit has put together a very special holiday extravaganza! We invite you to join us for a intimate gathering in celebration of music, art and creativity. Put on your top hat, curl up your moustache and fasten your corset as we dance the night away in true Cirque fashion to some of Calgary finest beats. After all the big productions, we couldn’t be more ecstatic about closing the big top for a night and just getting down and grooving with the scene that has shown us such incredible support over the years!

Featuring music by:

SLIM PICKINS - Drum & Bass
BASS CARAVAN - Gypsy Funk & Carnival Bass
PAUL WHO? - House Flavours

Special Cirque performances by: 

LUNA: Dance, Fans, Hooping
TAYRI: Bellydance
SACRED HANDS: Contact Ball